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September 12, 2024 : Day - 01
September 12, 2024 -

Consumer Attitudes on Healthy Aging

  • Carly Fink, Founder & CEO, Provoke Insights  

September 12, 2024 -


  • Ardeshir Bayat, MD, PhD, Vice President and Global Fellow At The Estée Lauder Companies  

September 12, 2024 -

The Role of Mitochondria in Aging: Getting to the Bottom Layer of the Onion

  • Risa Schulman, PhD, Founder and President, Tap~Root  

As research evolves, we’re finding that our biology is more complicated than we ever understood. Mitochondria have always been the “powerhouse of the cell,” but it turns out that’s true beyond the cellular energy pathways we learned in high school. This session will review: • Mitochondria research and newfound roles they play in the body; • How mitochondria govern the aging process; • How to improve mitochondrial function through supplementation.

September 12, 2024 -

Developing Science-Backed Formulations for Unmet Women’s Health Needs

  • Karin Hermoni, Founder, Imagine Health Solutions  

September 12, 2024 -

Sports Nutrition Research Trends: Supporting Unique Health Needs of Active Consumers

  • Susan Hewlings, Co-Founder, Substantiation Sciences, and VP of Research Affairs, Radicle Science   Douglas Kalman PhD RD, Co-Founder, Substantiation Sciences  

September 12, 2024 -

Best Practices for Choosing and Marketing Ingredients in Supplement and Cosmetic Formulations

  • Elyse Lovett, Founder, Lovett Marketing & Advertising  

Often the lifeblood of innovation, ingredients can make or break the success of new formulations. What are the best practices for discovering, evaluating, and leveraging science-backed ingredients for dietary supplements and cosmetics in today’s globally competitive environment? This session will cover: · Discovering novel ingredients for the right formulation · Sourcing and supply chain considerations · Branded ingredients vs. generic commodities · Assessing ingredient claims · How to leverage scientific substantiation in marketing · Telling the ingredient story on your finished products

September 12, 2024 -

Stress and Sleep: Implications for Aging

  • David Foreman, RPh, ND, The Herbal Pharmacist  

Stress and sleep are common conditions that may accelerate aging. Chronic stress triggers a cascade of events and hormones, which can lead to serious health issues like immune weakness, joint and bone health issues, sexual dysfunction, skin aging, and more. Meanwhile, just one bad night of sleep is connected to potentially serious health conditions. But don’t fret, Mother Nature has provided us with some clinically substantiated solutions. Session highlights: · The underlying physiology of how stress and sleep negatively impact health and aging; · Clinically substantiated ingredients with proven mechanisms of action that address the physiological challenges of stress and sleep.

September 12, 2024 -

Product Claims

  • Annie M. Ugurlayan, Assistant Director, National Advertising Division, BBB National Programs  

September 12, 2024 -

AI and Bioinformatics for Validating the Efficacy of Anti-aging and Wellness Products

  • Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk, Co-Founder and CEO, Canomiks  

Explore technology that helps brands develop science-backed products consumers can trust. Learn how NSF-funded technology ensures the efficacy and safety of botanical ingredients. Session highlights: · What is genomics? How it can help with R&D in the beauty and wellness industry; · How AI and bioinformatics are used to ensure the biological effect of consumer wellness products; · Testing the biological effect of ingredients before production.

September 12, 2024 -

MOCRA and DSHEA: Regulatory Review

  • Todd Harrison, Partner, Venable  

September 12, 2024 -

Transforming Beauty: L’Oréal’s Scientific Innovation for Boosting Skin Health Over Time

  • Qian Zheng, PhD, MD, senior vice president-advanced research, L’Oréal North America